Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Crime: November 2008

Maninder Pal Singh Kohli Raped and Murdered 17-Year-Old Hannah
Mum Says She Can't Understand how McCalmon Could Murder Her Son
Ricardo Morrison Charged with Amy's Murder
Michael Cameron Gets Just 34 Months for Killing Richard Blakeway
Asian A-Grade Student Murdered Michael McGrath
Sean Downs Got Just 2.5 Years for Murdering Nathan Westhead
Jane Treasure Stabbed To Death In Bedroom Tony Virasami Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter of Kevin Tripp
Abdullah Al Jaber Raped Two Devon Holidaymakers

Asian Rapes Teenager in Leicester Park

Bogus Cabbie (Asian) Raped 19-Year-Old

Asian Fashion Designer Raped and Molested Young Girls

Uzbek Immigrants Raped a Woman in a Chelmsford Park
Abdullah Al Jaber, 'Sadistic' Bangladeshi Double Rapist Gets Life

Sex-Slave Asians Ruined Teenager's Life!
16-Year-Old Virgin Prostituted by Czech, Albanian and Turkish Pimps
Female Jogger Attacked And Raped

Asian Sexually Assaults Woman in Aylesbury
Asians Jailed for Sex Attacks on White Girls

Serial Sex Attacker Duwayne McCallum Jailed Indefinitely
Illegal Immigrant, Nasser Chawki, Carried Out Revolting Sex Attacks
Hospital worker Sexually Assaulted Woman as she Lay in a Coma!
Taxi Driver, Shahjehan Islam, Jailed for Attempted Rape!
Photofit of Asian Sheffield Sex Attacker
Jamaican Illegal 'May Have Infected More Than 400 Women with AIDS!
Asian Muggers Leave 70-Year-Old Lady "with Horrible Facial Injuries"
Black Muggers Attack Heavily Pregnant Woman
50-Year-Old Loretta Patterson Beaten by Blacks

Huge Asian Gang Attacks 15-Year-Old!
Black Gang Sexually Assault Woman in Bristol

19-Year-Old Stabbed in Unprovoked Murder Bid

2,000 Sex Offenders Escape With A Caution
Wilfred Makaza Detained for Bottling Soldier

Yassin Elmansouri Stabbed 3 Boys

What New Labour’s Asian Pets did to Gino Hargreaves, 15
Man Stabbed by Blacks in Levenshulme
89-Year-Old War Hero Beaten Up in His Own Home!
15-Year-Old Boy Attacked by Asian Men
Psychosis Higher in Immigrant Groups
Thai Sex Gang 'Made Millions' from Call Girls

Dramatic Rise in Rape and Sex Offences

"Police, Churches and Council Put Glossy Pretence on Teen's Death"
Prashant Modi Assaulted a Woman and is now Suing for 'Trauma'

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