Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Impossible Tensions: The Murder of Ian Marshall

On 10 March 1997, Ian Marshall was shot dead in Sale, Manchester.

The killing happened in Ian's off-licence, as he and his father-in-law, Bill Holroyd, prepared to shut up shop. Three masked men burst in, pointed a handgun at 73-year-old Bill and demanded the takings.

When Ian came out of the stockroom and saw Bill's predicament he grabbed a knife and shouted would-be robbers to get out. He, then, charged the man holding his father-in-law. As a result, he was shot three times in the head and chest by David Ashberry. Even though he was mortally wounded Ian managed to badly injure one man before he died.

Ashberry was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and 13 years' detention in a young offender institution, for robbery and attempted robbery. Mark Anthony Watt was sentenced to 13 years concurrently for the offences of robbery and attempted robbery. Lee Watt was acquitted of robbery.

All of them were black.

After the trial it was discovered that David Ashberry had been adopted at birth by the chief executive of a building society, and his wife, a magistrate. Both were white. This brutal, black criminal turned to Moss Side 'gangsta' culture in his teens DESPITE being raised in an upper-middle class environment.

Barbara Moston, of the campaign for Inter Country Adoption, explained his behaviour thus:

"If a black or Asian child is raised in the country or a small town, without access to racial role models or without being educated about their own culture, then when they reach their teens and are mobile they will go too far into their own culture, they can become all gung-ho."
Psychologist, Rosalind Miles, author of The Children We Deserve, agreed:

"A black child in a white culture is always a fish out of the water. To be born black and brought up in a white culture sets up impossible tensions."
Well I'll be!

Is the apolgist for all things non-white actually agreeing with the BNP types? Seeing as this is what those the PC Crowd routinely call 'racists,' Fascists,' 'Nazis' and 'bigots' have been saying all along?

Ms Miles continued:

"My feeling is he would have spend his childhood days in a state of confusion. He would be trying to make sense of the divergent messages that he was seeing with his eyes. They tell him they are his parents but they are a different colour. What does a child make of that?"
So, I guess we nice, white, tender-hearted adopting types got it wrong again, huh?

It's all our fault that black boys brought up alongside the likes of us, turn out to be just like black boys brought up alongside black grown-ups.

Felicity Collier, director of the British Agency of Adoption and Fostering, said that nowadays social workers strive to find suitable parents from the same racial background, despite criticism that this is racist. "It makes practical sense," she said.

"All of us like to look like the people bringing us up."
Which, if she is right, as I'm sure she is, raises this question.

What happens, then, to the children of mixed marriages? How do they cope with pressure of being, in many cases, not all that similar in appearance to one of their parents? Looks to me like the PC crowd were well aware, a long time ago, that they were storing up a ton of trouble for the rest of us a little way down the line.

Which doesn't surprise me at all.

Ian, his family and his killer are pictured below:

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  1. This guy is innocent. Convicted on the contradictory evidence of one woman who should have been held in contempt of court. Independent witnesses said the perps were all under 6 foot. He is 6'4" and surprised the police when they looked for a machete wound but found nothing. There was no physcical evidence linking him to the scene. Just the word of a woman who knew him and stormed out of court 4 times, swore at the judge and barristers and contradicted herself TEN times.