Saturday, 20 January 2007

Kemi Adeyoola murdered Anne Mendel

84-year-old Anne Mendel was murdered in Golders Green, London.

After a teenage life of prolific petty crime Kemi Adeyoola, the daughter of a millionaire, was sentenced to spend six months in Bulwood Hall Young Offenders unit.

In October 2004, five months before she killed Anne, Bullwood Hall staff conducted a search of her cell and discovered an 18-page murder and robbery manual written in her own hand.

It determined that the best kind of victim 'must be wealthy, quite elderly and defenceless.' A way to gain their confidence might be to 'do a survey and visit them disguised as an A-level student.' Once inside:
'Run lightly and silently behind her and cover her mouth with a gloved hand… Keep calm, composed and silent. Walk her through the door and close it and lock it… Make her so scared she co-operates... Show the knife to her, then place it against her throat… Place handcuffs on arms and ankles and secure to such as radiator. Inject her with a tranquilliser. Remove her credit cards and house keys... Get her to write an ‘I’m leaving letter’… With your butcher’s knife, remove her head. Detach each limb one by one. When you have completed the task, put her body pieces in black bags.'

After finding the murder manual in her cell she was quizzed by a forensic psychologist. Lydia Sear explained:
"She would not explain herself… She was defensive, arrogant and assertive. She was asked 'Is this something you are going to do?' I asked whether she had considered what the intention was before writing the book. She refused to answer. She left the room."
'Once her supervision was completed, there was no mechanism for stopping her re-offending,' said a spokesman for Barnet Youth Offending Team.

Despite the manual and the 'arrogant and assertive' refusal to indicate what was in her mind when she wrote it, the former public schoolgirl was released after just three months of her six month sentence.

Upon release, her manual was passed to Barnet Youth Team and the police. They kept an eye on her for 3 months but as soon as the surveillance stopped, she stabbed Anne to death.

Adeyola's father, Bola, a committed Christian and property tycoon who left the marital home when she was eleven, said:
"She is no longer my daughter. I don't even like her."
P.S. After Adeyola left Bullwood, where do you think happened next?

You guessed it folks, the powers-that-be ushered Adeyola and her reprobate pal to the head of Slough's council housing list and they landed a flat straightaway.

In case you hadn't noticed, putting creeps like them in front of the law-abiding majority has been the preferred behaviour of all shades of British government for almost fifty years now.

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