Thursday, 11 January 2007

Crime: February 2010

Michael Brown murdered Andrew Diack - Jailed for 16 Years
Mohammed Asghar killed Lisa Collins
Two South Americans arrested for brutal murder of British businessman

Gang with Hammers, Axes, Bricks, Knives Murdered Defenceless Boy
Marcio Reis De Sa Barros Murdered 94-year-old Pensioner

Mohammed Anhar charged with murder

Nasar Mohammed on trial for rape
Man, 94, stabbed to death in his home as he battled intruder
Girl, 8, tells court of moment 'she watched stepfather Simon Downer murder her mother'
Woman Sobs as She Relives Moment Man was Murdered by Gang
Father whose face was shattered in hammer attack smiling months after skull was rebuilt
Patient died after out of hours doctor Dr Mukhtar Hussain 'missed heart signs'
Hossein Abdollahzadeh charged with the murder of Agnieszka Dziegielewska
'Incomptent' GP Daniel Ubani will escape justice over unlawful killing
Bodies in the boot: Ji Peng and Lu Yao Jia on trial
Kobina Essel murdered Hackney manager
Serial Crim who terrorised businessman walks free
Olusola Akinrele Killed the Baby he Fathered to Stay in Britain

Murder convictions of Azam, Nadeem and Asif overturned (replaced by violent disorder)
Kasha Peniston shot dead sister, 12 - Now he gets 9 years for further gun offences
Iman Omar Yousef remanded in custody over Birmingham 'acid' death of 3-year-old

Saudi prince quizzed over murder of servantThird woman raped in Harringay
Iman Omar Yousef charged with 'acid death' murder of her 3-year-old daughter
Saudi prince held after servant is beaten to death in London hotel

25 years on, will PC Blakelock's killers finally face justice?
Appeal over Burnley sex assault
Plotter's wife Cossor Ali 'knew he was planning to blow up planes'
Dwayne Walker Strangled David Daly and Chopped him up
Woman Stabbed To Death After Row with Spanish Lover

Emirjan Hysaj jailed over takeaway murder Rajveer Sehangera Killed Pensioner
Polish man, Dawid Wysocki, jailed for gang rape
Mary-Ann Leneghan's Killer Throws Boiling Oil Over Rapist who Refused to Convert to Islam

Emirjan Hysaj jailed over takeaway murder
Angela Gordon admits starving daughter to death with partner Junaid Abuhamza

Jailed Crook Kills Honest Man who Shopped Him
Lakhvinder Cheema left ex-lover to die in agony after poisoning him
Satpal Mahal-Singh 'killed autistic son with bleach' Immigrant Smuggler Jailed
Billionaire Playboy Farouk Abdulhak must be tried for murder
Second man arrested in murder inquiry
Lonely divorcee kills himself after falling for £82,000 Nigerian internet dating con
Nasar Mohammed gets nine years for his involvement in gang rape
Ruslan Boidakovs accused of rape and assault
Third woman raped in Harringay

Eruteya Odogun Raped 16 year-old - Gets Just 3 Years Jail
Family of Boy Raped by Huseyin Cakmak Slam Sentence
Woman Brutally Raped by Anthony Mosquito
Tahir Afzal gets 10 years for raping a 14-year-old girl twice
Chishala Bwalya guilty of rape
Police Hunt Those who Raped Teen
Reece Appleby Raped 12-year-old

Imam remanded on child rape charges
Nasar Mohammed on trial for terrifying rape
Rape-accused Alasoji Osinowo denies having sex with girl
African immigrant James Rhule Admits Rape
Jai Birmingham and Jamie Cunningham guilty of male rape

Sex Predators Sadiq Hussein and Abdillahi Adan raped teenager
Illegal immigrant Merhawi Ghebe jailed for rape at holiday camp
Tahir Afzal gets 10 years for rape of schoolgirl
"I am Allah, I am God" says Asylum-Seeking Serial Rapist, Allah Karam
Sexual predator hunted after city centre rape
Teenager escapes jail term Allah Karam denies ‘drop rape charge’ phone call
Usman Akram 'jailed for raping teenager
Mohammed Caid jailed after a homosexual rape and a sexual assault
Savage Attack - Sohail Hussain and Ali Mushtaq aren't Racist as they were Drunk!
A chaotic fight between hordes of youths 
Gang of Thugs Force Teens to Lick Boots in Humiliating Attack
Do You Recognise Man Who Attempted Rape?

E-fit of Exeter sex attack suspect
Atif Hussain Wanted for Sex Attack on 10-Year-Old

Nurse Yolanda Worgs Stole From Elderly Blind Patient

Ionel Rapisca 'shoved woman onto railway track after row about him smoking'
Man Suffers Horrific Injuries after Bottle smashed into his Face

No Jail for Fiona Smith who Glassed Woman
Traveller slashed by knifeman at Northwood Hills underground

Teenager Savagely Attacked by Gang of 10
Teenager Brutally Attacked by Gang of 20

Have-a-go-hero Slashed with Knife after Tackling Church Robber

Thugs Savagely Beat Man with Baseball Bat

Ashley Hutchinson, Denzil Rochester and Duane Isaac Jailed for Woman's Brutal Mugging
Sex Beast Adelani Akamo had only been in UK 10 Days
Jane Austin punched for asking a black man to stop smoking
Supermarket Worker Shot in Neck by Robbers
Police Hunt Muggers who Stabbed Man

Cops hunt gang who attacked shop assistant
Police Hunt negro who glassed and stabbed man
Stabbed south London teenager 'savaged by dogs' 
Why, after 22 drug convictions, isn't Pete Doherty in jail?

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