Saturday, 20 January 2007

The Murder of Lemmy Bullock

On 16 March 2005, father-of-three Lemmy Bullock died in the Royal Gwent Hospital.

He had been stabbed the previous day in Pill, Newport.

Mohammed 'Mo' Nasser's drug gang had been terrorising the docklands area of Newport and had picked on Lemmy's cousin Nick Griffiths, beating him badly. At this point Lemmy warned them off. Nasser decided that he wanted Lemmy disposed off at this point and gave his 'willing lieutenant,' Aaron Kent, the office to kill him.

Whereupon Kent, Martyn Bruce and unknown others went after him. They found Lemmy drinking in Harvey's, a pub in Pill. In court, the prosecutor Gerard Elias said:

"A witness saw Kent, holding the samurai sword, kick open the side door of the pub. He entered the pub and delivered two fierce stab wounds into the left side of Mr Bullock's belly. The blows cut 24 centimetres into Mr Bullock's side cutting deep into his liver."
Sentencing Mo Nasser to life imprisonment, Judge John Griffith Williams said this:

"It was you that called for weapons and you that supplied disguises." (The killers had been wearing 'Scream' masks)
The Judge advised that Nasser should serve 24 years. Kent, who had a previous conviction for stabbing, 20 years and Bruce 16 years.

Nasser's brother, Abdul 'Sammy' Nasser, was also accused of murder and Mohammed 'Ziggy' Abbes was accused of harbouring Kent, Mo Nasser and Bruce in his flat. The jury cleared this pair of the charges, however. Gwenda Bullock, Lemmy's mother said:

"Lemmy's death hit us like a sledgehammer. It was devastating because he was such a part of us and brought us joy, love and laughter and we are all going to miss that until the day we die…

The streets of Pill will be much safer now… They have shown they are willing to stand up for what's right… I think Mo Nasser is evil and calculating. The others were led by him because of their inadequacies."
Lemmy is pictured below:

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