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The Murder of Owain Leeson

On 14 February 2002, 17-year-old Owain Leeson died in the Northern General Hospital after he was stabbed in the car park of Sheffield's Uropa nightclub.

A gang of youths beat him savagely, kicked him unconscious and then one of them stabbed him with a 12-inch butcher's knife, as a result of which he bled to death.

A few minutes before he was killed, Owain's friend, Dean Scott, had mistakenly drunk some of Damien Callaghan's beer.

Jason Khan Callaghan punched Dean in the face and both he and Owain were then attacked by a large group of Asian and mixed race youths of both sexes.

The Callaghans, Adeeb Hussain, Kalid Shafique, Angie Joseph, Lynette Myers and Leila Ann-Mackenzie were all ejected from the club after the incident leaving Owain and Dean nursing their injuries. Owain and Dean were then were escorted to safety and ushered out of the club's back door by bouncers.

Unfortunately, the thugs had second-guessed them and pounced as they left.

Jason Khan Callaghan and Kalid Shafique set upon Owain whilst Damien Callaghan went to his car to get the knife with which he was to kill Owain.

The court heard how the group fled after Owain was stabbed. Dean tried to resuscitate his friend but he died shortly after arriving at the Northern General Hospital.

Describing his son's death as 'every parent's nightmare,' Owain's father, Carl, said, 'the world's lost a good one.'

Det Supt Kevin Hardy said:

"Owain was only a young man, and it was totally unnecessary for anyone to use weapons in this case, let alone a butcher's knife. He was a very popular lad, and he was thought of very highly. But now he's gone, all because of a stupid argument over a drink. The whole violence thing in this city is just stupidity."
Callaghan told the jury that he was trying to break up the fight by using the knife to 'scare' Owain and that his death was an accident. The jury didn't believe him and unanimously convicted him of murder.

He was jailed for life.

Jason Khan Callaghan was given nine months in a young offenders' institution. Kalid Shafique received a year in jail for two counts of violent disorder. Angie Joseph, Lynette Myers, Leila Ann-Mackenzie, all pleaded guilty to affray and received community punishments only.

On 14 October 2002, Sheffield Today reported thus:

"A former professional boxer jailed for his part in a brawl that led to the murder of a Sheffield teenager was today described as a 'wasted talent'. One-time Brendan Ingle protege Khalid Shafiq, aged 21, was jailed for a year for joining a skirmish in Uropa nightclub that involved Owain Leeson, 17, who was later stabbed to death in the car park.

Shafiq and Jason Khan Callaghan, 19, were filmed in a fight with Owain and his pal Dean Scott after they were ejected for fighting in the club. Owain was stabbed with a butcher's knife by Damien Callaghan shortly after that exchange, which was branded by prosecuting barristers as 'fighting for fighting's sake'. Damien Callaghan last month started a life sentence for murder. Today, Shafiq's former trainer Brendan said:

'What a wasted talent. Khalid Shafiq was an absolute nightmare. He could have been brilliant but he just wanted to be a gangster. He was so good I got him to turn professional at 16 and got him a fight in South Africa with Frank Warren on a World Title bill. But he was nothing but trouble. Naseem Hamed hated him. I had to pull them apart once at the club. I tried to help him but I don't win them all. It's so sad.'

Sheffield Crown Court heard how the skirmish broke out in the club when Mr Scott mistakenly drank some of Damien Callaghan's pint. Jason Khan Callaghan punched Mr Scott in the face and Shafiq fought with a doorman as a brawl broke out and people were ejected. Shafiq fought Owain Leeson outside while Jason Khan Callaghan had an angry exchange with Scott.

The court heard the pair knew nothing about the murder until Damien Callaghan boasted about it in Shafiq's house in Nottingham Street, Pitsmoor, later that morning.

Shafiq's mum Carmelle wept as he was received a year in jail for two counts of violent disorder."
At the time of Owain's death, the police were at pains to stress that his killing was not 'racially motivated.'

On no, a gang of Asian and mixed-race youths killing a white lad can never be racist.

It's how things are supposed to be when you're at war with the kind, the tolerant, the decent and the fair-minded!

At the time of writing the above, the name 'Owain Leeson' was mentioned just twelve times by the Google seach engine. All of those websites mentioning his death would, undoubtedly, be described by the PC politicians, the black and Asian activists and the media darlings as 'white supremacist,' 'racist,' 'neo-Nazi,' 'fascist,' etc. On the other hand, if you had type the name 'Stephen Lawrence' into the same search engine on the same day, you would find his name mentioned a staggering 134,000 times!

Most of those mentioning him would be the very same people describing the websites daring to mention Owain Leeson as 'racist.

Khalid Shafiq is pictured below:

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