Wednesday, 3 January 2007

The Murder of Ted Rowe

In April 2003, 79-year-old Ted Rowe died as a result of a violent attack at his home in Tower Hamlets which occurred a few days after Christmas, 2002.

Having watched Ted collect his pension, Sabul Miah, a crack and heroin addict, followed him back to his home where, without warning, he stabbed him in the chest and slit his throat. Patricia McFarlane, George's daughter said:

"The light went from his eyes... I will never know how long he would have lived if he had not been stabbed that day. In the end he was not frightened of dying, only of living."
At Miah's trial he admitted attacking five people between 30 December 2002 and 25 February 2003. Charges relating to 10 more violent assaults were left on his file. All of the attacks were carried out against pensioners.

On one occasion Miah stabbed 82-year-old Sarah Mundy when she refused to hand over her bag. On another occasion 83-year-old George Cameron tried to fight him off with his walking stick but was violently thrown to the floor before Miah robbed him.

The Judge told Miah that he presented a 'grave danger' to pensioners in particular, having committed so many 'persistent and cruel crimes against the elderly.' He said:

"These were heartrending offences committed against some of the most vulnerable people in the community without the least sign of mercy. The harrowing effect on your victims and their families cannot be overstated."
Miah was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Here is a picture of a British pensioner and the animal that ended his life:

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