Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Murder of Violetta Vella

On 18 February 2002, 82-year-old Violetta Vella was murdered at her home in north London.

Josephine Byde found her mother's body slumped in a pool of blood by the front door. She said:

"Who could do that to her, who could do that to my mother?"
Violett's daughter Stella said that her mother, who walked with crutches, was a popular member of the local community and added:

"If the killer had just knocked on the door and had said they had got nowhere to stay, she would have taken them up, made them a meal and given them some money because that was the kind of woman she was."
Violetta's son Mario said:

"You could have knocked her down with a finger if you wanted to do. She was so aware of crime. We were always trying to get her to move away from here but she didn't want to leave the area."
On 30 September 2005, a schizophrenic heroin addict called Rodney Anyanwu appeared at Central Criminal Court and pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He was sentenced to a 'hospital order' without restriction of time and was sent to Rampton.

In court, it transpired that he had broken into the pensioner's flat on the Six Acres Estate and stabbed her repeatedly in the neck.

On the day of the murder, Anyanwu was scheduled for a meeting with his 'outreach' team but failed to turn up. The Old Bailey heard how the Health Trust knew that he was missing appointments and that he was not taking his medication. They did not report his behaviour to the police however.

Anyanwu had first became known to the authorities in 1993, when he was admitted to The Whittington Hospital suffering from 'aggression and sexual disinhibition.' He also heard voices urging him to kill.

All of this was known to Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust, who were supposed to be looking after him under the care-in-the-community programme when he killed Violetta.

Detective Inspector Martin James said that Violetta had put up a fight and added:

"It was a totally unprovoked attack which resulted in the death of a vulnerable elderly lady. Our thoughts are with her family today."
After the trial Violetta's daughter, Josephine, said:

"We want justice. We want someone to hold up their hands and admit the guidelines must be changed. We will not let this lie. Sorry is not good enough. There seem to have been so many slip-ups. That man killed my mum - they as good as put the knife in his hand."
Stella added:

"They say they followed the guidelines for his treatment so they did not do anything wrong. But we say that means the guidelines must be wrong. It's OK to have care in the community but these people must be supervised and there must be follow-ups. I cannot believe that a known schizophrenic who was a known drug addict was not properly supervised."
I can believe it, Stella.

I can believe anything of those who arranged for a brutal, black nutcase to be out and about on the streets of London for over ten years without proper supervision.

This is Violetta:

On 7 April 2005, The Islington Tribune, quoting an official report into Violetta's death, told us that Anyanwu's 'mental health caseworkers' had not considered him 'capable of killing.'

The Tribune continued:

"The parent body of Camden and Islington Mental Health and Social Care Trust was called in to investigate after Rodney Anyanwu admitted stabbing to death and robbing Violetta Vella, 82, at her eighth floor home in Fyfield House on the Six Acres Estate, to feed his drink and drug dependency.

The trust... denounced as 'absurd' any link between Chief Executive ERVILLE MILLAR LEAVING HIS JOB in January and the Anyanwu report being published. It is the second high-profile occasion that a trust patient has killed on Mr Millar’s watch."

Within a year of Erville Millar 'leaving his job,' he had been promoted.

In 2006 he became the Chief Executive of the Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust. And no, ladies and gents, Millar is not a black chap, despite the name.

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