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A Successful Multicultural Town

On 21 April 2001, 75-year-old D-Day veteran, Walter Chamberlain, was savagely beaten up by an Asian teenager in Oldham.

Walter was kicked, punched and his cheekbone, eye sockets and jaw were shattered in the attack. He was in hospital for 10 days and needed surgery to reconstruct his face after the assault by 14-year-old Fokrul Islam.

Islam later boasted about the attack to his friends, one of whom admitted:

"He seemed chuffed. He said he had done it for a dare."
Judge Barry Woodward addressed Islam thus:

"You chose Mr. Chamberlain because he was vulnerable. He could not fight back. You intended to cause him really serious injury and you carried it out. It gave you pleasure to do so."
The court was told that Islam had just completed a four-month sentence for burglary with intent to cause criminal damage when he attacked Walter.

In October 2001, he was sentenced to four years in a young offender institution.

On 25 April 2001, the BBC website reported thus:

"Following the brutal racial attack on pensioner Walter Chamberlain, Oldham Chronicle editor Jim Williams takes a closer look at a problem he says has been developing locally for years.

The racial tensions which led to the attack on 76-year-old World War II veteran Walter Chamberlain in Oldham this week have been simmering for three or four years. With significant Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations... THE MIXED OLDHAM COMMUNITY HAS BEEN CHAFING AT ITS EDGES FOR SOME TIME.


This year has seen the stabbing of a 20-year-old man in a subway, a 16-year-old boy whose face was stamped on after he was knocked over and the attack by three Asian youths on Mr. Chamberlain as he walked to his home after watching a local amateur rugby league match.

In a belated response to the problem, a multi-agency team has been set up TO LOOK AT WAYS OF IMPROVING THE LOT OF THE PAKISTANI AND BANGLADESHI COMMUNITIES. Education, employment, social services, leisure facilities and improved living conditions are on the team's agenda...

Areas of Oldham occupied by the Asian communities are considered to be no-go areas by many Oldham residents.”
On 2 October 2001, The Guardian reported thus:

"The attack on Mr. Chamberlain was blamed for contributing to racial tension in Oldham which resulted in rioting but THE JUDGE DECIDED THE ATTACK ITSELF HAD NOT BEEN RACIALLY MOTIVATED…

Six weeks after the attack, the town experienced race riots, with almost 100 people charged with public order offences and hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage being inflicted in petrol bomb attacks."
At Islam's trial, Walter, a D-day veteran, said:

"He threw me backwards onto the floor. He then hit me on the nose with his fist followed by several kicks to the head. I felt blood on my face."
Pay attention folks.

‘Last year more than 600 racist incidents were logged by Oldham police and in 60% of them the victims were white. More than 180 of the racial incidents were violent and the vast majority of those were attacks by Asian youths, usually in gangs of anything from six to 20, on lone white males.’

Now what was the reaction of the authorities to all of the above? I quote:

‘A multi-agency team has been set up to look at ways of improving the lot of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities’ and the Judge decided ‘the attack itself had not been racially motivated!’

Judge Woodward is telling us that if a 75-year-old Pakistani chap had been walking by that day, Islam would have attacked him too.

Which is b***ocks.

What do you imagine the old bloke in the photo thinks about 'enrichment', 'diversity' and 'cohesion?' Would he be 'racist' if he said he wanted all immigration stopped?

Just as his forbears were saying in the 1950s?
The politicians did this.

And the press, who kept it as quiet as the parliamentarians kept it.

Now that you've seen it with your own eyes are you going to do anything about it?

Less than four hours after Walter was attacked, a 15-year-old white boy was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver in Chadderton.

Two Asian youths were subsequently arrested. The teenager who tried to kill the young lad was not charged with attempted murder, however, the police thought his behaviour merited an affray and assault charge only.

In another incident, an off-duty policeman and his family were surrounded by a gang of Asian youths and told to ‘get out of our park or we'll shoot you.’

Local councillor, Abdul Jabbar, said:

"It's a very small minority of people who are doing this and we condemn it totally."
Which is fair enough. However, he then went on to say:

"There is no doubt that we do have some problems with racial violence, and that unfortunately that has escalated over the past few months. But... I still believe that OLDHAM IS A RELATIVELY SUCCESSFUL MULTI-CULTURAL TOWN."
Jabbar said this in the knowledge that, of the 572 reported cases of racist attacks in the ‘relatively successful multi-cultural town,’ the previous year, 60 percent of the victims were white.

Councillor Jabbar went on to excuse these fractions by stating that Asians who had been victims of racial attacks did not always report the incidents to the police due to language barriers and lack of confidence.

Whether his reasoning has any basis in truth or was merely self-serving I'm not sure but he didn't bother to mention that a great many incidents of Asian-upon-white ‘racism’ would also have remained unreported. This because the indigenous community is well aware that the police pursue the non-British ‘racist’ with a lot less vigour than they ought.

Unlike Jabbar, Chief Supt. Eric Hewitt was prepared to say this:

"We cannot hide from the fact that the trend of racial crime in Oldham is continuing to rise… Sometimes the motive is robbery, but often it is just violence. The attackers are gangs of Asian youths, aged between eight and 18, who have carried weapons including knives, bricks and sticks."
Which commentary doesn’t exactly fit the ‘relatively successful multi-cultural town’ image that Councillor Jabbar was attempting to foster, does it?

In February 2002, Hewitt resigned.

In June 2004, Jabbar would become the Mayor of Oldham. In September 2005, Jabbar was named as winner of the prestigious Mayor of the Year competition for 2004/5.

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