Monday, 8 January 2007

To Rob, Rape and Terrorise Us All Over Again

On 4 March 1995, Glen Grant, who was on leave from Cane Hill mental hospital, went into a jewellery shop in Victoria, London.

He produced an automatic pistol and stole eight bracelets worth almost £6,000.

On 11 March, he rang the doorbell of a house in Cold Harbour Lane, Brixton. Pointing a gun at the woman who opened the door, he forced her into the living room with another young woman and demanded to know where they kept their money.

They told him they were students and didn't have any, whereupon Grant ordered them to remove their clothes. They refused. He threatened to ‘rearrange the face’ of one of them and pressed the gun into her forehead. She still refused and Grant struck her with it.

He then forced both of them upstairs and, after threatening them once more, he again told them to remove their clothes. Again they refused. After a third woman arrived, Grant tied all of them up and left with and assortmant of jewellery and other belongings.

Six weeks later, having been discharged from the aforementtioned secure unit, Grant rang the intercom of a flat in Meadow Road, Clapham. A woman answered the door and he pushed his way in. With a knife at her throat, he forced her into the bedroom and told her to lie on the bed. Threatening to ‘cut her up,’ he demanded to know where she kept her cash.

She said she had no money as she worked for the church. At the reference to the church, Grant backed off. Nevertheless. he still took some jewellery before he left.

Three days later, he saw a young woman parking her car and followed her home. After knocking on the door, he forced his way in when she opened it. Punching her twice, he pulled her into the kitchen, found a knife and ordered her to strip, saying that he would kill her if she didn't do so. He then raped her twice.

Searching the flat for money, he found her bank-card and she was forced to tell him the PIN number.

Two days later she picked him out in an identification parade. DNA profiling also identified him as the rapist.

Grant had previously been convicted of various robberies, aggravated burglary and another rape.

The psychiatrists do love to set their loonies free, don't they?

To rob, rape and terrorise us all over again.

Hands up who thinks we should hang a few psychiatrists, ‘pour encourager les autres?’

Thought so.

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