Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Your Son Has Been Stabbed Through the Heart

On 4 September 2003, Alex Lloyd suffered irreversible brain damage after being stabbed four times with a knife outside a garage in Cambridge.

Doctors believe that Alex's heart stopped beating for about 10 minutes.

He can no longer speak or feed himself, he is unable to walk or talk and he has difficulty swallowing. His family does not know if he is able to recognise familiar faces and he is likely to need round-the-clock care for the rest of his life.

His friend, Ian Watters, also suffered serious injuries after being stabbed three times, once in the back of the head.

Sentencing 65-year-old Siraj-Eldin and his son Karl Eldin at Norwich Crown Court, Judge Peter Jacobs told Siraj-Eldin:

"I haven't the slightest doubt that you had planned from the moment you left your house to use a knife and if necessary a drill bit... You went straight to work and stabbed Lloyd several times and the consequences were devastating."
He told Karl Eldin:

"You were well aware that the knife had been used by your father on two men. You used it to the head. All this happened in a public place in front of passers by, many of whom were women and children."
Siraj-Eldin was sentenced to 10 years for wounding with intent. His son was sentenced to five.

Both men were cleared of attempted murder.

Speaking outside the court, Alex's father said:

"The sentence doesn't take into account that my son is basically the living dead. I have lost my son whom I love."
Lots have, old fellow, lots more will.

On 11 September 2004, This is Hampshire quoted Janet Lloyd thus:

"This event has changed the direction of all our lives forever and although we will try to cope with the situation, it is something we will never get over... Nothing in life ever prepares you for the moment when a nurse tells you that your son has been stabbed through the heart...

For us, his family, this is painful beyond words... He will see someone and look at you, but he does not smile so we do not know if he knows us... I think he does but you cannot be sure'...

The most painful aspect of all this is not only do we witness day by day his suffering, but we are all so terribly aware that he will never lead the life we had envisaged for him...

It has been absolutely horrific to watch Alexander change from being a perfectly fit and healthy young man to an invalid who has had to cope with having pneumonia at least 10 times during the past year."
Janet also addressed an allegation of racism that arose during the trial, saying:

"Our son is not a racist. In fact, Alex's best friend at university was an Indian boy who visited him while he was in intensive care."
It doesn't matter whether your son was a racist or not, Janet.

The lawyers will use this accusation in the best interests of their murderous clientele because it is a very fashionable defence that, in an insane world, sometimes works. It has led, in this country, to some black and brown men, quite literally, getting away with murder.

Pictured below are a would-be murderer and his accomplice:
And here is a picture of the two laughing lads that at least one of the above tried to kill.
Alex as he used to be can be seen in the foreground.

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