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Crime: April 2011

74-year-old Tom Carnegie attacked by five Asians
56-year-old's leg broken during robbery by Asian
15 Asians challenge 2 teenagers to a fight. They were left with head and chest injuries
Tributes to Julie Morrison who died in car smash caused by Agibola Akinyosade
Kamsan Mahmood, Istafa Hussain and Peter Charlery made car crash claims on 'industrial scale'
Moss Side brawl: 'Somali community tensions' blamed
WPCs brushed aside sawn-off shotgun to corner armed robbers
Mad Yank, Theresa Riggi, gets just 16 years for stabbing her children to death
Polish Beasts Kus, Ostolski and Bartnowski charged with pensioner murders
Al-Qaida assassin Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili 'worked for MI6'!!!
Man City's Kelvin Etuhu jailed for punching and kicking Owen Fitzpatrick
Baltic crime gangs hook up with IRA
Teonna Brown makes a habit of attacking white folk
Black-on-black murder outside MaCDonalds
Poor white pupils lag behind black peers
Ecstasy death girl Isobel Jones-Reilly 'idolised drug-taking musicians
Father vows to fight on for daughter killed by failed asylum seeker
Woman raped in Brighton after losing mobile phone
Two Blacks almost beat white woman to death!
Teenager raped in Doncaster by immigrant
'Sadist' gang leader, Sabrina Barber, has sentence cut
Premier League star Dominic Vose arrested for 'rape of teenage girl at party'
Milos Louzecky charged with murder after stabbing
Man knifed to death in afternoon 'gang' fight
Amanda Beresford murdered by Jeffrey Clark
Andrew Theocharous cleared of rape because of low IQ attacks another woman
Serial rapist Lawrence Dugbazah convicted
Babysitter rapist Dunston Crichlow snared after DNA match
Nurse Girija Sundar denies stealing large quantities of Class A drugs
'How can they live with themselves?': Vile thugs hurl brick in four-year-old girl’s face
Why can’t 47 dangerous escaped criminals be named? Because of their human rights!
Lawyer caught with almost 6,000 child porn pictures 'fantasised on MSN chat about underage sex'
Mohamed Ali guilty of shooting
Jail for Tomasz Sobczak
Drug Baron Mohammad Sarwar jailed for 21 years - He was a college teacher!!!
Boy, 16, stabbed in east London takeaway
Manuel da Costa faces sex assault trial
Isaac Williams charged with attempted murder of Vicky Meek and her two children
'Wear a headscarf or we will kill you'!
Foreign GP, Helmut Ilg, 'told dying woman with serious heart condition he did not have time to visit'
Immigration blunders that left Mohammed Smoured free to kill Agnes
Colin Atkinson told he faces the sack for Christian symbol on his van dashboard
Lukasz Michewicz raped a sleeping woman
Rehees Ali said he was going to kill shop assistant and raped her
Ian Patrick Joseph gets 17 years for his part in armed robbery
Maslah Mohamud attacks and tries to rob two people
Paramedics forced to leave man to die after being 'shot at' by gangsters
Roziur Choudhury denies raping 17-year-old
Eastern European sought over sexual assault
Rodney Francis allegedly broke in and raped young woman 26 years ago
Adam Elmegirab convicted of sexually assaulting woman while she slept
Asian tries to grab 13-year-old
Mohammed Jainul Abdeen found guilty of sexual assaults on buses
Sex attack cabbie, Usman Ghani, has his sentence slashed
Paulius Troninas could have 15-year sentence for life-threatening sex attack increased
E-fit of brutal, black sex attacker
Black man assaults woman
E-fit of Asian who attacked woman
E-fit of black bus groper
Mayor Lutfur Rahman gave ‘good character’ reference to sex pervert, Zamal Uddin
Wajid Mahmood charged with sexual assault of 14-year-old
Disgraced hospital doctor Benjamin Obukofe convicted of sexual misconduct
The suburb hijacked by gangs where this week it was a 15-year-old's turn to die
Sham wedding groom seized at the altar after officers hid in the church vestry
Nigerian ex-governor James Ibori due before UK court
Harrison Ndirangu jailed for horrific alleyway rape
Asian thugs attack 14-year-old boy
Alston Lynch banned from Lower Clapton estate for five years
Immigrant drug dealers walk free
Woman, 57, beaten by Asian and mixed-race robbers in Kew attack
Charlene Downes murder: Mr Beanz and Rowan Atkinson
Kazeem Kolawoli and Anthony McCalla arrested over shooting
Woman, 57, beaten by Asian and mixed-race robbers in Kew attack
The Cop Clowns of Essex
Danielle Lloyd's friend Craig Mason convicted of 'Ocean's Eleven' robbery
Found under a child's bed: Weapons arsenal of gang who killed schoolgirl
Reverend Friday Archy poured boiling water over homeless Ben then stabbed him repeatedly!
Text-messaging Keisha Wall killed Christine Lyon as her mum, a driving instructor, sat beside her in the car!
Leon Dunkley and Mohammed Smoured jailed for murder of 16-year-old girl
Becky Godden-Edwards "got involved with people who introduced her to drugs"
Kenneth Morgan, Britain’s dumbest burglar
EU migrants commit 500 crimes a week in UK: Poles and Romanians are the worst
Two-month old baby boy in critical condition after being stabbed
Aaron Romain charged with attempted murder
'Drunk judge acquits a paedophile'
Carlton Cole in sex attack quiz
Appeal court refuses to deport failed asylum seeker who killed daughter
Refugee in £30,000 fraud escapes jail
Aiah Tondoneh admits woman’s fire murder
Parents at pub while child, three, drank lager at home
Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by takeaway workers linked to murder of Charlene Downes!
Shamari Hanchard-Kerr stabbed three men - one died
Male nurse, Obiri Asante, 37, sent ‘flirty’ texts to girl, 13, as her father lay dying
Ali Rezai denies punching one girl and repeatedly and raping a second
Woman raped by dreadlocked black man
Slovakian immigrant Tomas Jenej had sex with a 13-year-old 3 times
Hunt for black and "possibly Cypriot" would-be rapists
Young girl sexually assaulted by squinty-eyed, "tanned complexion" man
Attempted rape: Muhammed Naeem jailed for 3.5 years
Owen Mak started exually abusing girl at 8 and carried on for the next 9 years
Latvian immigrant, Arturs Polis, pleaded guilty to rape
Moni Nsiawete admitted a charge of having sex with a child
Jamalul Huda sexually assaulted teen on packed bus and fondled a sick woman on the tube
Asian tries to grab 11-year-old in Eastham, Liverpool
Asian flasher sought by Leicestershire Cops
Recession linked to huge rise in use of antidepressants
Renowned children's heart doctor Philipp Bonhoeffer suspended over abuse claims
Lawrence Dugbazah 'grabbed women going home’
David Bieber murdered PC Ian Broadhurst - Now he gets £12,000 legal aid!
Usman Shahzad admits mother's stabbing murder
Junior Ademujimi-Falade and Abu Mansaray deny murder
Gambler Kuldip Sander jailed over £60m VAT fraud
Foreigner punches female bus driver in the face
Samuel Gayzer-Tomlinson accused of attacking teenager
Hit-and-run driver Kabir Khan jailed after killing baby
Kazeem Kolawoli charged for shooting little girl and man
In 2010 more than 91,234 foreigners were arrested in Britain!!
Girl pushed baby into path of bus - She was sent for anger management training!
Night Stalker, Delroy Grant, beaten up in jail! RESULT!
Shooting of a 5-year-old and a broken promise
Gang murder boasts filmed for school project! “F*** your mum, I’ll shoot my gun”!
Young family ordered to leave home. Labour's housing boss, Sue Vincent, then moved in! SCUM!
Nigerian immigrant, Florence Olaye, hid fake ID and may not have been a qualified Doctor
Mustafa Kucukkavradim and Ramazan Cengiz charged with manslaughter of Glenn Hudson
Anthony McCalla charged with shooting 5-year-old girl in Streatham
Rekawt Mahmood Salih charged with murder of Tracy and Louise Donnelly
Uninsured driver Razwan Hussain killed 68-year-old Iris Moss
Carlton Lewars killed cyclist Jayne Helliwell
Femi Ismail, Aaron Birch, Eduardo Monteiro and Joshua Anyanwu gang raped girl, 16
Afghanistan: United Nations workers beheaded in attack on compound
Khalid Khalifa launched vicious and unprovoked Kung Fu attack on midwives
Sheepsh****ing pervert, Kwaku Amable, jailed for 3 years
Parents glassed in front of their kids
Satpal Kaur-Singh poured a cup of bleach down her 12-year-old throat and killed him
Muhammed Arshad was banned from driving when he killed David Stringer
Dr Lucius Okere worked in 14 hospitals despite not knowing how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
Mustafa Shafi broke 85-year-old Sarah Capewell's nose and wrist - He was jailed for just 8 months

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