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Crime News: December 2012

"I don't like being black... I like white people. Black people are seen as dangerous."
Manhunt for 'terror suspect' who went missing whilst under close surveillance
MURDER: Dawda Jallow (black) sought
Darryl McClymont murder: black men seen at the scene of his death
Manhunt for 'terror suspect' who went missing whilst under close surveillance
Immigrant murders English wife, aided and abetted by traitorous, PC system
'These (BLACK) guys are truly, truly animals' says PC paper!
Trolley rage incident leaves man, 60, fighting for life
Killed on his way to church, the latest victim of smug 'liberals'
Women stabbed in separate incidents, probably by same Asian
Frederic Andre Russell charged with the murder of Colin Hammond, 65
Nii-Azu Kojo-Smith charged with murder of Liam Woodards
Kelvin Arnold Kalloo guilty of £100,000 benefit fraud
"Dark-skinned" man robbed woman at knifepoint in her own driveway
Nathan Davis charged over Streatham bus crash killing
Bulent Sessacar murders English wife, aided and abetted by traitorous, PC system
Killed on his way to church, the latest victim of smug 'liberals'
Women stabbed in separate incidents, probably by same Asian
Frederic Andre Russell charged with the murder of Colin Hammond, 65
Nii-Azu Kojo-Smith charged with murder of Liam Woodards
Kelvin Arnold Kalloo guilty of £100,000 benefit fraud
"Dark-skinned" man robbed woman at knifepoint in her own driveway
Nathan Davis charged over Streatham bus crash killing
Knife-carrying at “endemic state” says judge after Black gang sentenced for murder
12 of Scotland Yard's 14 most wanted foreign criminals from eastern Europe!
Black man attempts to abduct 13-year-old girl in Twyford
Camden’s most wanted man could be hiding in Brent
Black armed robber strikes twice in Wimbledon
1,000 doctors still practising despite convictions for child porn and drug trafficking?
Polish immigrant, Pawel Rodak, a male prostitute, stabbed Roger Gray 114 times - NOT MURDER!
Murderers want 'fertility treatment on NHS'!!!
HUMAN RIGHTS! Murderers and drug dealer to get IVF in prison! (You pay)
Nearly 1,000 doctors 'have criminal records' Ethnicity?
175 immigrant criminals deported! WOW! Deportations! There's a first! In South Africa, "male rape is far more common" than imagined
Samurai sword nutcase Ahla Timofei charged with police officer's attempted murder
Gravesend jewellers attacked by armed, black gang
Burglars Peter Galer and Lofti Boubekeur jailed for 6 years
Kweku Adoboli: portrait of a gambling addict The scams that target your life savings: 9 in 10 cases go unreported Eric Paul murder: Fitzroy Anthony Daley charged
Woman attacked with samurai sword on Holloway Road
Sibusiso Majola charged with attempted murder
Woman killed in bus stop hit-and-run: cops seek 27-year-old black man
Abdul Zalal Miah charge with kidnap, rape, possession a weapon, threats to kill and robbery
Streatham bus stop crash: Nathan Davis sought
Alleged rape in Ipswich alleyway: black man sought
CCTV of black man suspected of 6 sex attacks in Manchester
Cops hunting a "dark skin" man who raped a 15-year-old in Newcastle
79-year-old grandma robbed at cash machine by gibbering foreigner in Scots village
Black armed robber strikes again! CCTV images
This creature stole a phone and threatened boy with Asperger's
Shubnum Majeed: science teacher's £8,000 false claims
Robert Dominic Bernard charged with the murder of Duane Tomlin
Samuel Fongho made £175,000 from Albanian care worker scam
Mohammed Ibrahim used a taser to carry out ride-by robberies in exclusive neighbourhoods
Mohammed Shafi threatened a firefighter with a Samurai sword
Dr Indravadan Patel allowed to carry on doctoring despite facing a £1.8 million fraud charge
20-year-old woman punched and kicked in her own flat
Indecent assault on a train
Rochdale council ‘still failing children’ after Muslim sex abuse scandal!
Scandal of rapists let off lightly by judges
Magdelena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek fed 4-year-old son SALT before battering him to death
Black savages battered victim with bottles then stabbed him to death
£3m bank card scam: NO JAIL for Romanian immigrant, Leonid Rotaru!
NO JAIL for multi-millionaire immigrant pervert, Stefan Glaenzer!
Ghanaian gynaecologist Phanuel Dartey botched surgery on 5 patients! (one left fighting for her life)
Surge in Romanian begging gangs here to target Christmas shoppers
Young gang members could avoid murder charges under new ‘joint enterprise’ rule
Census reveals 1500% increase in Black population in Thurrock!!!
Polish bus driver convicted of Catherine Zaks murder
Nigel Popo molested young girl for years, threatening to kill her if she told anyone
'Carer' Ameet Mohabeer abused 14 more victims after suspension for sexual assault!
15-year-old raped at knifepoint by 'dark-skin' man
Romanian gang stole 4 MILES of railway cable!
Pervert, Mohammed Subhani, who exposed himself to schoolchildren
Raminder Ajmani kept shoddy notes on vulnerable youngsters in care
Famous Chinatown had cockroaches crawling up walls in kitchen
Police worker Jairo Dos Santos pocketed £32,000 selling details about Royal Family
Sham marriage: Shankar Bhandari, Faisal, Sheeraz and Shahzad Sultan, Devashish Shah in court
Samson Ijanboh, catering boss at Royal Opera House, stole more than £25,000
FORCED LABOUR IN ENGLAND! 'Travellers' jailed
Woman assaulted in Lancaster takeaway
Okusanya/killer: 'In a typical BLACK area, people get stabbed, people get shot, people die!'
'No remorse' judge condemns black savages who stabbed boy to death
11 years in jail for 70-year-old pervert GP, Gousul Islam
'Gay' chef Samir Mansour sentenced to 29 years for raping lesbian!
Was Polish immigrant who tried to murder girlfriend planning to blow us up?
Drunk and causing trouble, Abdi Omar fired a sawn-off shotgun over his shoulder and killed friend
Albanian immigrant, Gentian Marku, stabbed pal after gambling away his life savings
African nurse Malvern Tendai Kurehwa repeatedly punched girlfriend and pushed her into busy road
Aram Ahmad in court charged with rape of schoolgirl
Musicians punched, glassed and robbed by Bilal Akhtar and others at cash machine
Manie Oladip Betts-Priddy charged with trying to smuggle cocaine worth £100,000 into UK
Man in hospital after attack and robbery by Asians in popular park
Jewellers (Guccuk brothers) spared jail for 'handling' stolen Rolexes
SHAM MARRIAGE: Karel Pospisil - 18 months - Abiodun Akintelu - 10 months etc.
Minh Quang Pham wanted in USA on terrorism charges
Brent most wanted over 50s suspects (80% non-native)
Nishit Sangani convicted of fraudulently claiming he had been robbed
Home Office could use £217,000 of Abu Qatada's assets to help pay cost of keeping him here
Temidire Owolabi jailed for attempted murder
Nelson Idiabeta and Nathaniel Okusanya stabbed 17-year-old footballer to death
Ipswich: Girl, 15, raped after being invited for cup of tea, court hears
Bubacarr Suwaneh charged with raping 18-year-old 3 times in park
Priteshkumar Patel made a child look at an image of himself engaging in sexual activity
Tahir Mahmood in court on rape charges
Serious sexual assault by mixed-race men in Digbeth
Two young women victims of same Asian/mixed-race sex attacker
Mohammed Ali held up a bank and a betting shop with an AK47 assault rifle
'Small-time drug pusher' chemists (Asian) running black market
Care home manager Constance Magxana-Fivana tried to fool inspectors
Errol Anglin in court charged with murdering Christine Levy
Dean Smith executed Aaron McKoy in the street after a brawl broke out
Anthony McKenzie and two others jailed for murder of innocent man
Pharmacist Fateh Kumar Pate exposed himself to teens and masturbated before neighbour
Midwife Ngozichukwuka Busari discharged woman moments before she gave birth (kept her job!)
Serial rapist Richard Green attacked woman in her own home weeks after release
2000 Years of Paedophile Priests
Asian pharmacists "small time drug pushers", "putting patients' lives at huge risk"
Gay Nigerian immigrant, Clifford David, gets life for attempted murder
Alien nation: Census reveals an unrecognisable Britain
Burton Albion's Patrick Ada jailed for rape
Man in serious condition after being stabbed by Black
Nottingham gang members Ashton Alexander and Remay McKenzie jailed for shooting
OCHAINE WILLIAMS: Judge names 15-year-old who murdered Steven Grisales
MANSLAUGHTER? Inderjit Singh Dhesi, Paramjit Johal and Paramjit Singh jailed for 13 years
Marvin Samuels accused of murdering Sharlana Diedrick
Pensioner, George Gonga, almost stabbed a 'best friend' to death
Sexual assault of passenger: taxi driver Nikolay Hristov jailed for 10 years
Romanian lorry driver who mowed down cyclist as he chatted on phone gets 8-month ban and a fine!
Barnet Police’s most wanted list features Cricklewood suspect
Mirwaise Sakhizade's butcher shop infested with mice and cockroaches
Bus driver punched and kicked by "Mediterranean" and White
Algerian immigrant, Nahab Toufik, gets 5 years for Belfast rape
3 toddlers and a teenager killed in house fire: Dyson Allen arrested
Child prostitution and rape: Anas Iqbal, Nabeel and Naeem Ahmed and Hassan Raza charged
Serious sexual assault in Yeovil: Pakistani sought
Grace Adeleye guilty of manslaughter in botched baby circumcision
Black savages attack and rob woman in Putney
Muslim child "sex abuse case ‘first of its type in Staffordshire’?" It won't be the last
Lithuanian gang which stole lead from church roofs jailed for 20 years
Killer stabbed cannabis dealer to death less than two hours after starting community service
Traveller family guilty of forced labour
The Patels filthy Bolton takeaway closed down
Life in jail for Muhammed Asad Niaz who bludgeoned partner to death in front of child
Four arrested on suspicion of child exploitation offences
Thieving sisters Khalida Ahmed and Nazia Haq banned from town centre
Fears grow for missing 14-year-old as cops release CCTV of her talking to a stranger
Lithuanian gang stole lead from church roofs and left a £1m repair bill
Gang battered Bernie Ecclestone and stalked super-rich in £2m terror spree
Mohammed Khalaf and Yousef Al Ali Alhamadi: 78 British children among victims
Schoolboys robbed by Asians in Blackburn
Teenage girl punched and slashed by Asians in Blackburn
Burnley: Dangerous nut, Emdad Ali, molested victim in her own bed
Devout Christian murdered by Muslim ex after row over converting daughter to Islam
Nelson Idiabeta wasn't holding a knife behind his back; he was holding his trousers up!
Jilted lover Damion Douglas stabbed ex-girlfriend's new lover to death
Filipino nurse failed to notice a patient with a broken ankle was dying
4 African "NURSES" left elderly bedsore patient without appropriate treatment for 4 MONTHS!
Afghani immigrants Farid Ghorzanig Amir Wallezadeh raped Bournemouth woman
Christopher Haughton chanted 'God help me kill my enemies' before trying to kill cops
Daniel Janik strangled pal after he celebrated Chelsea's Champions League victory
Lorry driver Petre Beiu inflicted 'life-changing' injuries on a Times journalist
Qamar Malik kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl
Bus sex attack on 18-year-old: "Black or Asian" sought
Reardon Emanuel stabbed dealer to death hours after community service ended
Aaron McKoy death: Dean Smith guilty of murder
Dyrell Nestor gets 8 years for his part in a plot to sell weapons
Social services worker Raivo Ratnieks jailed for child porn stash
Bruno Luan Soares Mello sexuallly assaulted sleeping man
Cheltenham girl, 17, sexually assaulted by 'African or Indian' near church
£400,000 bill for Somali rapist we can't deport!
Nurse Perreira opened window when patient moaned about her smoking saying 'freeze then'
Police worker Jairo Dos Santos sold secrets about Royal bodyguards to Max Clifford
4,000 fewer Met Police officers than in 2010!
IT IS WAR! Brits breeding themselves out of existence! Now over 1m of mixed-race!
Christopher Haughton tried to murder policemen
Hackney authorities let nut mum, Vivian Gamor, out to kill her kids
Kenan Aydogdu caused Sam Harding's death
Black gangsters jailed for importing drugs from Jamaica
Murugasan Natarajan and Lakshmi Suresh convicted of dodging £2m in import duty
Khavi Chadee and 4 other gun dealing gangsters jailed for 37 years
Michael De Bidaph, 82, accused of amassing military-grade arsenal of weapons
Five jailed after Met seize illegal firearms
Shaun Andrew Lesbirel jailed for 8 years on drugs charges
33 people who admitted raping underage girls and boys let off with caution last year!
Javed Aktar (119 previous convictions) jailed for threatening to blow up Olympics
London-bound Nigerians caught with 175 wraps of cocaine inside their bodies
Murderer Christopher Alanazy caged for another 10 years after drunken rampage
Thomas Ullah jailed for rape
Sex attacker Yasser Hassan blames conviction on female interpreter
Women attacked by gang of Blacks in Margate
Asian fraudsters dupe Bradford firms in cloned card scam
Assault with belt in Plymouth
15 YEARS! Taxi driver, Majid Rehman, knocked down 8 men after petty dispute
Eddy Shah denies raping underage girl nearly 20 years ago
Illegal immigrant Muhammad Niazi battered ex-partner to death with a hammer
Tom Best held burglar Delroy Daley until cops came (Tom wasn't arrested for burglarism?)
Heysal Ahmed and Hasan Gun punched and kicked robbery victim to the ground
Wife of Premier League's William Gallas 'fell into bushes' and taken to hospital
9-out-of-10 knife carriers don't go to jail! 20% escape with a caution
DIVERSITY! 21% of those in youth custody are Muslim, 42% are ethnics!
Omar Eshpari and Stefan Mitchell masterminded £3m deception of elderly and vulnerable
Getaway driver, Gulam Gani, had previous convictions
Jeria Omwenga hurled glass at 'permanently scarred' woman after calling her 'whore'
Sister of convicted terrorists, Ruksana Begum, jailed for 12 months
Jude Lebaga, cousin of singer Estelle, charged with plot to kidnap businessman
Case against me is 'unfair and oppressive' says Judge Kuldip Singh!
Hero Tim Smits (stabbed by Sanchez Brown) ordered to leave country by government scum
DIVERSITY! Hackney Gang leaders aged NINE! (‘lack of male role models’)
Would-be meat cleaver murderer of 4 cops thought they might be "racist"! (Bit of a giveaway that
DIVERSITY! Black man on bus strangles stranger twice!
Somali immigrant, Abdulsalah Abdalla, raped 21-year-old homeless woman
Romain Arthur recruited Temidire Owolabi to kill businessman James Bryant, allegedly
Opemipo Jaji charged with rape of 11-year-old on her way home from school
DIVERSITY! Have you seen this burglar? 91-year-old lady hospitalised
Levan Greenfield charged with murder
£2.7million fraudsters (Nigerian immigrants ) caused murder and suicide
Robert Kubik punched pal, killing him. Another pal complained: he got punched too
Bullied, tortured and humiliated by 2 Asians, 1 Asian lookalike and his nut wife
Mohammed Tariq gets seven years for "manslaughter"
"Light-skinned Asian... with a slight accent" conned dozens
Housekeeper Cresentla Ragonton stole £100,000 painting from Belgravia home
Asians mug 68-year-old at cash machine
A manager at Barclays Bank, Shaikh Khan stole £10,000 from a wealthy customer
Bonehead Bulgarian midwife Margarita Avramova almost injected air into baby
Credit card fraudster, Muhamad Ahmed, free in time for Christmas!
DIVERSITY! Do you recognise them?
‘One Punch Manslaughters’
140mph death race on M1: "Bangladeshi or Pakistani" racers involved
ROCHDALE: 17-year-old raped after accepting a lift home from Asian stranger
Kapil Garg’s family offered rape victims €20,000 (Garg has previous in USA)
Stab your nephew to death at a party to celebrate your 84th? NO JAIL!
Rape at Stapleton Road railway station, Bristol: Mohammed Sabry Aldeed sought
Families of Black killers say their sons are innocent!
Nigerian fraudsters ran £2.7million lotto scam which led to a murder-suicide
Footballer, Patrick Ada, raped single mum
Mayuran Kuhathasan and Thuraisamy Pathmanabhan charged with money laundering
Nurse Grace Adeleye saw 'no problem' with circumcision that led to baby's death
Bentley Adonis Huggins stabbed wife 10 times after she said she was leaving
Muhammad Niazi bludgeoned ex-girlfriend to death in front of baby daughter
Dimeck Amoura got just 6 years for stabbing, strangling, robbery and rape
Woman raped at knifepoint by Somalian called Tanasula
Ali Haydor led gang attack which left Daniel Stringer-Prince with shocking injuries
Izaiah Smith shot a man at point-blank range for not lending him £500
Binita Karnavat and Manish Patel laundered dirty money (£9m+) through their business
Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani given 6 months 'to recover' from wife's death!
Bank worker, Sahail Akram, helped fraudsters steal £375,000 from account holder
Murucasan Natarajan avoided paying £2m tax on Chinese goods
Asylum seeker, Mohammadullah Khan, denies attempting to rape a woman
Vibinmon Joseph, who imprisoned a young woman in his car and assaulted her gets 3.5 years
Cops seek Asian who indecently assaulted 3 women in 30 minutes
Rogue trader Kweku Adoboli 'was not pressured' by bank
Bus driver, Gulam Mayat. squeezed passenger breast
Cop ignored burglary call; bought cocaine from 'Albanian' dealer instead!
Lib Dem MP, Cyril Smith raped children's home victims MP says
Nursing assistant, Foday Chorr, charged with sexually assaulting female patients
Black savage, Michael Ayoade, 'too scared to leave cell' ('petrified of reprisals')
Asylum-seeker Afghan Mohammadullah Khan inn court over street rape
Thousands of robbers and rapists let off with cautions
Grandma's racist therefore mother deserves to be raped!
Sex assault victim told 'you don't need police' by 999 supervisor before 2-hour rape
Mother and son terrorised by Black/White hooded gang
We feel cheated by British justice, say parents of 'Bad Samaritan' riot victim
Taxi driver, Liaqat Ali, gets 7 years for raping teenage passenger
Dimeck Amoura stabbed and raped a 25-year-old woman
Black savage, 16, who karate-kicked white pensioner for fun, bailed!
Patricia Pearson, 81, punched twice by Usman Yasin: 16-week sentence QUASHED on appeal! Arshad Arif charged with kidnap and rape of teenager in park
RAPE! African immigrant, Roberto Gouveia, sought
Council benefits adviser Manjit Singh Cheema recruited mum to cheat taxpayer
Ministers pledge to stop Legal Aid for wealthy suspects like Shakeel Ahmad and Syed Ahmed
25,000 people in the UK unaware they have HIV (as are those they infect)

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